Dog Safety Program for Kids

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Doggie Detective Teacher Kit

Doggie Detective Teacher Kit

We know that you want to keep kids and dogs safe and do a community service at the same time. The Doggie Detective teacher kit contains everything you need to offer a fun and interactive program to local kids. Kids love to participate in a live program and they learn best from pictures of real dogs and from getting fully involved in the presentation.

The Doggie Detective program focuses on child safety, learning to read dog body language and how to act safely around dogs. This program was created by Joan Orr and Teresa Lewin and was originally named “Be a Tree”. It has been used to educate over 1 million children around the world since 2004.

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Being a Doggie Detective

“Ears, eyes, tail, muzzle, look at the clues to solve the puzzle.” Program consultant Jennifer Shryock offers this rhyme to help kids focus on the relevant body parts and look for clues about what the dog might be thinking. “Does he want to meet me?” That’s the question kids need to answer before they invite a dog to interact with them. Look at these two dogs. Which one would you like to meet?

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Being a Doggie Detective

What Are People Saying?

  • I frequently give the this presentation and everyone loves it. While a serious topic, the program has been developed to be entertaining, interactive and carefully repetitive to help kids thoroughly retain the information. The visuals are excellent and the “tools” for learning are fun. Most adults attending learn right along with the kids.

    Judy Keehn
  • I am extremely impressed with the kit! I have done several presentations to kids in schools but I am so excited to do this particular presentation. It is simple, easy to understand and I love the big cards, games and activities suggested. Really great!

    Danette Johnston – Dog’s Day Out Dog Training, Seattle
  • I loved the way the kids reacted to the program. They were engaged and excited and it was very interactive. From the answers on the questionaires, they really liked it!! It felt good to present this as I truly feel that the children came away with a good understanding on how to be safe around dogs and also the different between an “snarly stiff dog” and a “happy wiggly dog”.

    Kathy Wolff – Western Waukesha County Dog Training Club
  • I have provided citizens in our community with canine counseling for over 25 years. Part of our educational plan for our shelter is to reduce the number of owner released animals coming through our doors. This program incorporates all of the tools needed to make real changes in public perception and we have seen a significant decrease in dog bites toward young children since we have been using the this program in local schools.

    Robert Metzler – President, Gloucester SPCA
Checklist for Download

Checklist for Download

Download this dog body language checklist to help get started on your journey to becoming a Doggie Detective.

Encourage kids to be a Doggie Detective and look for clues in the dog’s body language. While they’re observing they can check off every time a dog exhibits one of these signs.

Use the Doggie Detective kit to discuss and explain what the dog might be saying.

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